Week 5 Day 2

I apologize that I have not updated in the past few days. I have completed through week 6 day 2 and will be writing a post for each one. Week 5 day 2 was another solid run. I ran at night around 9:00PM. I was feeling great, it was a cool summer night with a little breeze and my legs felt great! I finished the run with ease but experienced some significant right knee pain again. I did a total of 2.43 miles which includes the warm up and cool down walks. It was a great night for a run!



My name is Bill. I have embarked on a journey to run a 5k. I started this journey 4 weeks ago after sitting on the couch and doing nothing besides drinking and partying for my college years. I am now a junior in college and have tipped the scale at 275 lbs. I am 6′ 2″ and pretty athletic as I have played sports my whole life so this didn’t really come too hard to me as far as the form and mental aspect went. The first few weeks of C25K were pretty good. I paired it with the nike+ running app and the nike fuelband I got as a gift. I’m down to 264lbs and feel amazing. I had some pretty bad pain in my right knee after a few runs so I went out and bought the Nike Air Pegasus 29 sneakers. They are amazing and so comfortable which really helps when running. I am about to start week 5 on Monday as well as my first day of junior year (college). Wish me luck!