Week 5 Day 2

I apologize that I have not updated in the past few days. I have completed through week 6 day 2 and will be writing a post for each one. Week 5 day 2 was another solid run. I ran at night around 9:00PM. I was feeling great, it was a cool summer night with a little breeze and my legs felt great! I finished the run with ease but experienced some significant right knee pain again. I did a total of 2.43 miles which includes the warm up and cool down walks. It was a great night for a run!


Week 5 Day 1

Week 5 day 1. Started off strong during the first 5 minute run. In the headphones I hear “you have reached .5 miles” from the voice on the Nike+ App. Encouraging. I get to my usual halfway point and turn around during my second 5 minute running interval and I’m feeling great. Last 5 minutes come up and I’m now slowly losing speed, legs hurt, mouth is so dry. At this point I want to stop but I know that I can easily do it, I’m just being a child by quitting. After another few seconds go by I turn on my pump up song that gets me through the end of every run. “You’re gonna love again” by Nervo always gets me going to the point that my adrenaline takes over and pushes me to limits I didn’t know I could surpass. Finally I hear it…the one second pause and then “you may begin your cool down!” That final prompt is one of the best feelings in the world for someone in C25K! I start walking and my knee is KILLING me. I don’t know what the problem is. It always hurts on the final cool down and then for about 30 minutes when I sit down once I am home. If anyone has advice on the knee that’d be great! Distance today was .2 miles less than usual. Not sure if that is a typical decline during week 5. That’s all for now! Here’s a pic of my stats…